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5 ways to reinvent retail.

Posted on December 6, 2017

This post is a companion to A Cure for What Ails Big Retail + Getting Experiential Retail Right.  If you love a good experiment, as I do, the last few months in retail should have made you pretty happy. Having now cycled through the classic grief-response phases of Denial (it can’t happen to me); Anger (can’t we put Amazon out of business); Bargaining (continuous discounting + perhaps a new look); and Depression (dithering, procrastination and turning to the usual drugs, like financial engineering); a growing chunk of the retail world has finally reached some sort of Acceptance. But acceptance of what? That one should chuck it all in and sell on Amazon? No. Acceptance of an existential question: what, exactly, is the purpose of a store in…

The Iconic AltLuxe Store

Posted on February 21, 2014

By Regina Connell. One of the other questions I get asked a lot (other than the one about the home) is “what’s the iconic AltLuxe lifestyle (not just clothing) store?” There are some stores that kind of qualify. Maybe Barney’s with its hard to find brands and strong point of view, though there’s a coldness to it, and their home goods section constantly seems to struggle from a taste perspective. There’s Bergdorf Goodman, but it’s just a smaller mainstream department store with really great buyers. In London there’s Liberty, with its strong though slightly inconsistent POV. Maybe Dover Street Market in London (can’t say about the NY store yet), in a limited way. My choice for the retail icon is the dear, departed, sorely missed…

Luxury: It’s All in the Mind

Posted on November 17, 2013

What matters – whether it’s in the retail world, or in hospitality or even the products we consume – is the experience of engaging with those products. And that’s about feelings not THINGS. It’s about pleasure not consumption. And it’s feelings that underlie AltLuxe, not bling, not branding. And that’s what companies, whether it’s traditional luxury brands or the mass luxury brand, need to get their arms around. Here’s your tour through the new alternative, The New Luxury.