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Reinventing retail. Something new to keep an eye on.

Posted on January 4, 2018

Many retail concepts these days have me rolling my eyes, but this one got me intrigued over my morning cuppa. Founded by merchant Mindy Yang, Perfumariē is  a New York fragrance store that positions itself as a meta-discovery studio, open access event space, and incubator. The subject of What Perfume are you wearing? Now you never have to tell, Perfumariē feels very alt luxe, with its focus on nudging consumers to be more thoughtful, conscious. And it’s also a mix of the the new rules of retail I’ve been a proponent of: refining and elevating the in-store experience; centering the store experience on discovery, learning, and experimentation; nurturing tribes; and … getting daring here … charging people for the experience. Is it good? I haven’t been there: it…

Have the chocolate

Posted on January 2, 2016

I recently came across a reasonably compelling piece on how eating for pleasure could be the best diet plan. And, it reminded me that what goes for the body, goes for a lot of other things, I do think. Headspace, a favorite modern mindfulness blog/app, reminded me that often,  we go on holiday, eat what we want, and, miraculously, return to “real” life with minimal weight gain, feeling amazing. Not to mention having some pretty amazing memories (and dishes to add to a culinary repertoire.) Why is that? “Pleasure is an important appetite regulator. With every meal, the body registers feelings of fullness (the stomach expanding) and levels of satisfaction (has the body received what it was hungry for?). When we deprive ourselves of pleasure, our brain…

Lessons on pleasure from Mandy Aftel

Posted on December 7, 2014

I recently had a chance to interview one of my favorite people, Mandy Aftel (the artisan fragrance genius), about her book, Fragrant, one of the best books of the year, perhaps the decade. (Read more here, then make sure you pick up her book.) As our conversation often does, it meandered around to the topic of luxury and pleasure. It’s easy to think that someone in the field of fragrance – and in particular the fragrance industrial complex with its preponderance of glitzy ads, celebrity scents, and its ties to the the 20th century’s notions of luxury and sensuality – might be sucked into the norms of the industry. But she’s honed her own sensibility, values and ethos along the way and precisely because of the prevailing…

Time to do some taking

Posted on May 27, 2014

The other day, I was sitting and chatting with a new friend – an art impresario – and listening to her story about how she discovered her latest artist. She used a charming, somewhat old fashioned, almost European phrase three times in as many sentences and I was suddenly struck with how unexpectedly wise that turn of phrase was. It was a simple and common enough two word phrase: “took notice”. Not “I noticed” but rather, “I took notice”. “I noticed” is passive, as in something drifted by your consciousness, and it registered there, however lightly.  “Taking” notice, is active, as in paying attention, more intensely, more insistently. You sit up and take notice. You don’t just observe: you examine, you query, you internalize, you grapple, you…

Living Well: luxuriating in “Idleness”

Posted on February 1, 2014

In my (e)mailbox there are always those items I don’t need to open, but which I always do, even if I’m running late, up against a deadline, or have promised myself I’ll focus focus focus on something. It used to be the “See what’s new for you today” type emails from various e-tailers, but these days, it seems to have narrowed down to just a few: The Browser, Totokaelo, The Line, and The Idler Academy of Philosophy, Husbandry and Merriment. The Idler newsletter, with that Hogarthian illustrated header,  wonky typewriter font, convivial tone, and charming frequent typos,  is an instant antidote to the “designed” crap I see so much of. It’s the anti-Twitter: no to groovy flat design, cheery infographics; yes to full sentences and…

Living well: recipes for pleasure

Posted on January 20, 2014

Like any foodie, I do love my indulgences. Recently discovered pleasures include the pucker-up tart seville orange marmalade from Josephine’s Feast, that sublimely creamy straciatella on the pizza I had the other day at Farm Shop in Marin, and that orgasmic cup of hot chocolate using Recchiuti dark chocolate pistoles… However indispensable these are to the life well-lived, over the holidays I realized that my real foodie pleasure comes from preparing it,  not just consuming it. So I resolved to cook more, cook with more focus, more intention. While this realization would have many running to the nearest farmers market, for me, it starts with cookbooks and recipes. Now there are a billion lovely cookbooks out there, oozing with luscious imagery, compelling stories and the…