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Skin deep

Posted on March 14, 2016

Some days, I feel I’m drowning in imagery. It’s not just the time spent in front of my computer or phone that’s the culprit. There’s the extraordinarily good stuff on TV: Netflix and House of Cards and Game of Thrones and Empire and The Americans and Downton Abbey…There are the print magazines with which I’m obsessed …  There’s the constant design image grazing I do for work, the FOMO (as in, “Didn’t you see that great room / sofa / tile installation / wooden spoon on insta?”) and the constant battle to find the right images, get the rights, edit them, get them in … there’s even the beauty of where I live and work – the sunsets, the rain, the interiors, the products, the factory, the ironic streetscapes (or…

Living Well: In praise of the little picture

Posted on December 26, 2013

It’s ironic that the concept of mindfulness is terribly buzzy these days: mindfulness is about the anti-buzz. But bear with me here, because it seems to me that mindfulness is at the heart of AltLuxe. (And yes, the more serious leaders in the mindfulness movement, folks like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Gil Fronsdahl and Jack Kornfield would likely squirm at my applying it to notions of luxury and consumption, but oh well.) Mindfulness is, at its core, about awareness of what is going on, primarily as it relates to your mind, but also about how you’re feeling, your emotions, and what’s going on about you. And the foundation of awareness lies in stepping back, noticing and noting. And that’s the biggest intersection between mindfulness and AltLuxe:…