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Consuming Pleasures: Good Food

Posted on February 14, 2014

By Regina Connell. Given a choice, I’d rather stock my pantry with artisanal food: high quality, carefully and lovingly prepared by the hands of independent entrepreneurs, distinctive, with the best ingredients. This is, to me, the kind of luxury and pleasure I can indulge in every day. Easier said than done, however. I’ve tasted a lot of very earnest local, hand-crafted but incredibly so-so stuff out there. How do I know which food or drink is tasty, authentic, and responsible and not (frankly) a waste of time, money, and calories? With the number of indie producers out there, it’s impossible to stay on top of it all, not to mention just one category that’s blowing up, like craft beer. Enter the Good Food Awards, the closest guarantee…

Living well: recipes for pleasure

Posted on January 20, 2014

Like any foodie, I do love my indulgences. Recently discovered pleasures include the pucker-up tart seville orange marmalade from Josephine’s Feast, that sublimely creamy straciatella on the pizza I had the other day at Farm Shop in Marin, and that orgasmic cup of hot chocolate using Recchiuti dark chocolate pistoles… However indispensable these are to the life well-lived, over the holidays I realized that my real foodie pleasure comes from preparing it,  not just consuming it. So I resolved to cook more, cook with more focus, more intention. While this realization would have many running to the nearest farmers market, for me, it starts with cookbooks and recipes. Now there are a billion lovely cookbooks out there, oozing with luscious imagery, compelling stories and the…