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Living well: recipes for pleasure

Posted on January 20, 2014

Like any foodie, I do love my indulgences. Recently discovered pleasures include the pucker-up tart seville orange marmalade from Josephine’s Feast, that sublimely creamy straciatella on the pizza I had the other day at Farm Shop in Marin, and that orgasmic cup of hot chocolate using Recchiuti dark chocolate pistoles… However indispensable these are to the life well-lived, over the holidays I realized that my real foodie pleasure comes from preparing it,  not just consuming it. So I resolved to cook more, cook with more focus, more intention. While this realization would have many running to the nearest farmers market, for me, it starts with cookbooks and recipes. Now there are a billion lovely cookbooks out there, oozing with luscious imagery, compelling stories and the…

The Manifesto: It’s all about Pleasure

Posted on January 1, 2014

My goal for this year: get more pleasure out of life. Not the profligate, crazy, acquisitive, icky (and you know what I mean) kind, but deeper, durable, really joyful pleasure: the type – deep down – we all crave (though yes, every once in a while, you need a little good ick). Deep pleasure is based on sense and sensibility: I want to feel deep contentment and delight about how I live. Here’s my personal manifesto (please note, not resolution) for the year and beyond. I will embrace pleasure. I will banish the inner puritan who mandates that pleasure is something to be sprinkled parsimoniously (if at all) onto struggle and responsibility. Genuine pleasure is our birthright, and it’s essential to our happiness and therefore health. Living…

Living Well: In praise of the little picture

Posted on December 26, 2013

It’s ironic that the concept of mindfulness is terribly buzzy these days: mindfulness is about the anti-buzz. But bear with me here, because it seems to me that mindfulness is at the heart of AltLuxe. (And yes, the more serious leaders in the mindfulness movement, folks like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Gil Fronsdahl and Jack Kornfield would likely squirm at my applying it to notions of luxury and consumption, but oh well.) Mindfulness is, at its core, about awareness of what is going on, primarily as it relates to your mind, but also about how you’re feeling, your emotions, and what’s going on about you. And the foundation of awareness lies in stepping back, noticing and noting. And that’s the biggest intersection between mindfulness and AltLuxe:…